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  • [driving] test

    Israeli soldier Michael Vodovozov, who works as a veteran in a Veterinary clinic in Haifa published these video on all of his social media platforms showing him running over civilian cars for fun.

  • Dinosaur

    Another “funny genocide” video circulating in Israel, posted on Telegram channels with 100,000s of followers: an IDF soldier bombing Gaza wearing a dinosaur costume.

  • Influencer

    An Israeli Influencer (Endorsed By Israel’s President) Laughs and Eats A Popsicle as Israel Bombs Gaza “We’re bombing Gaza right now *laughs* I’m trying to eat my popsicle, this is crazy! This is not normal what’s going on!” This same man was invited to a presidential meeting where he delivered a speech in front of…

  • Haunt you

    Shimon Zuckerman is an IDF soldier who likes to capture himself blowing up houses in the Gaza Strip. A few days ago there were rumors going around that he was killed. To refute the rumors he posted this video, captioned “We’ve come back from the dead to haunt you”.

  • Big Heart

    “This explosion is for you, as big as your heart”. IDF soldier detonates a neighborhood in Gaza for his wife.

  • South

    IDF Psychopaths mock and exchange laughter at the moment of detonating a Palestinian house in southern Gaza.

  • Cheers

    IDF Psychopaths celebrate destruction and blowing out several civilians homes and neighborhoods while having a drink and smoking stolen hookah

  • Engineers

    IDF psychopath making fun of destroyed educational institutions as part of the destruction campaign

  • Landlord

    “A landlord needs to feel like a landlord, so we do it right… This is all ours! This is all ours! Check out the promenade. And now say hello to Nova Beach! On the Gaza beach!”

  • IDF BnB

    This guy’s literally the mainstream in Israel atm. All his Gaza videos are made with IDF’s cooperation – he’s not an actual active soldier, he enters Gaza just to film such videos for views