IDF Psychos

[driving] test

Israeli soldier Michael Vodovozov, who works as a veteran in a Veterinary clinic in Haifa published these video on all of his social media platforms showing him running over civilian cars for fun.

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Another “funny genocide” video circulating in Israel, posted on Telegram channels with 100,000s of followers: an IDF soldier bombing Gaza wearing a dinosaur costume.

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An Israeli Influencer (Endorsed By Israel’s President) Laughs and Eats A Popsicle as Israel Bombs Gaza “We’re bombing Gaza right now *laughs* I’m trying to eat my popsicle, this is crazy! This is not normal what’s going on!” This same man was invited to a presidential meeting where he delivered a speech in front of Isaac Herzog (Israel’s President). A man laughing and eating a popsicle as civilians get bombed is what Israeli leadership looks for when selecting its representatives apparently

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